Books – Organisational Development


How collective change takes place. Four change and learning thinkers look for the answer to the question of how profound collective change takes place. They not only make use of their own experiences, but also of the interviews they conducted with many scientists especially for this book. Read more about Presence.

Theory U

Don’t base your ideas on the past, but on how the future is currently manifesting itself. The key question posed in the book is: how can I as an individual/organisation make a contribution to society, which is also relevant to what the environment really needs? The book is the new management book of this era. Read more about Theory U.

The Tipping Point

How do changes get into overdrive? Small differences can have major consequences in social life. One individual can shift a trend into a positive or negative direction. This book studies how trends and fashions are created. Translate it yourself into change processes. Read more about The Tipping Point.

Our iceberg is melting

Reference work on organisational change. Using a metaphor, this book describes the human processes that people come across when they are confronted with a changing environment. A powerful instrument for depicting universal experiences in a clear and recognisable way. Read more about Our iceberg is melting.